The Article 29 of the Contents Industry Promotion Act states that the Content Dispute Mediation Committee will be established to coordinate disputes regarding content transactions or use between content providers and users and between users and users. Those who wish to receive dispute resolution and settlement of the disputes related to the content business or content can apply for the mediation of the dispute to the mediation committee. Contents are materials or information of signs, letters, figures, colors, sounds, sounds, images, and videos (including complexes thereof). The contents include various genres, such as movies, music, games, publishing, printing, broadcasting contents, cultural properties, cartoons, characters, animation, edutainment, mobile, design, advertisement, performance, art, crafts, digital contents, user-produced contents, and multimedia contents. Kyoyook-gil 35, Naju City, Jeollanam-do (Bitgaram Building 351) Phone: 1588-2594